Sunshade Pillow

About us

Summer Traces was created by the desire to deliver a flawless summer experience with

high-quality & ethically made premium goods. Featuring The Sunshade Pillow, compact and comfortable, easy to grab on your way out to the beach, along with your towel and a good book.

We’re here to redefine your summer days!



Two giant pockets on the underside of the pillow

Two small pockets

inside of the canopy

Attachable fabric with

a cooling effect

Attachable towel

Clip-on mini

solar powered fan

From Sand to

Pool recliners



The elastic band around the backside of the Pillow easily slips over the top of Pool recliners.



Simply adjust the elastic band and enjoy your tanning!

No Need For Another Beach Bag.

For a flawless Summer experience

(424) 394 - 6945

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